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iTHERM 100

Instrument Bundle

iTHERM-100 Test Station

• Wind Tunnel – BWT-104

• Wind Tunnel Controller – WTC-100

• Pressure Sensor – PTM-1000


Test Station is a turnkey system of laboratory instruments and sensors for studies that require precise air flow velocity and temperature measurement. Applications include thermal management studies on boards, heat sinks, fans, ATCA cards, and racks.


Test Station includes a benchtop, laboratory-grade wind tunnel, automated controller, and multiple sensors to precisely manage the velocity and direction of airflow within its test environment. The system can be used for characterizing air flow and measuring pressure drop across heat sinks and over other PCB components. With an attached thermocouple, the iTHERM-100™ can be used for individual thermal management studies on CPUs and other hot components. All instruments, sensors and application software used on these systems are designed and manufactured by ATS. The devices are optimized for system performance, but can also be reconfigured or used individually. Detailed instruction manuals are provided. ATS engineers can also provide on-site set-up and training.


Bundle may be purchased from ATS at a discount over the separate purchase of each instrument

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