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Heat Sink Attachments

Complete Heat Sinks and Attachment Offering Featuring Thermal TapePush Pins and Clip-On Systems

ATS offers a full line of heat sinks and attachment options including high performance thermal adhesives, push pins, z-clips and the innovative maxiGRIP™ and superGRIP™ attachment systems. ATS offers the largest push pin selection on the market, with over 108,000 possible configurations. ATS` unique heat sink clip attachments, maxiGRIP™ and superGRIP provide steady, even pressure from the heat sink to component without needing to drill holes in the PCB. Additionally, superGRIP™ requires minimal space around the components perimeter, making it ideal for densely populated PCBs. Both maxiGRIP™ and superGRIP™ are Telecordia Shock and Vibration certified, ensuring maximum performance and reliability in the toughest environments.