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Leak Detector

Automatic Shut Off Valves for Liquid Cooling Applications

ATS’ Automatic Shut Off Valves are electronic devices for detecting leaks (water only) from the piping system. When the system detects a leak, it automatically shuts off a valve in the piping preventing the flow of water and start beeping indicating there is a leak. This device is mainly used in water filtration system, but it can be used in any application that has water flow.

  • ATS-LD-14 Leak Detector

    ATS-LD-14Leak Detector

    Automatic Shut Off Valve for Water Leak

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  • ATS-LD-14BR Leak Detector

    ATS-LD-14BRLeak Detector

    Automatic Shut Off Valve For Water Leak

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  • ATS-LD-20 Leak Detector

    ATS-LD-20Leak Detector

    Leak Control & Filter Monitor

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