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Zipper Fin & Skiving

Fabrication for High Fin Density Heat Sinks

Zipper Fin Heat Sinks

High Fin Density Heat Sinks, Pre-Tooled, No NRE

ATS has a selection of pre-tooled zipper fin profiles that provide reliable cooling at a significant cost savings for customers. Zipper fin heat sinks are a cost-effective and lightweight alternative to other high fin density solutions, especially for high-volume production. ATS pre-tooled zipper fin profiles have no NRE (non-recurring engineering charge) to offer further savings for customers.

Zipper fins are stamped from thin sheet metal, typically aluminum or copper, and are formed into a shape. The sheets interlock with each other and the resulting fin assembly is then wave soldered/bonded to a metal base to form a heat sink. For example, a copper base can be used with aluminum fins to ensure thermal performance and effective heat spreading, but at a much lighter weight than a standard copper heat sink. ATS pre-tooled zipper fin heat sinks are the right choice because they were designed with high aspect ratio fin profiles, enabling taller, thinner and more densely packed fins for increased surface area and improved cooling performance.

In addition, zipper fin heat sinks can be customized with heat pipes and integral ducts to enhance thermal performance, particularly with active heat sinks for air movers, fans, and blowers. Heat pipes are a common addition to zipper fin heat sinks because the base acts as the evaporator section and the fins as the condenser section. This provides a lightweight, high-performance option with only a one-time tooling cost for production.

Zipper Fin Heat Sinks Features & Benefits

  • Pre-Tooled to reduce time to production
  • No NRE (non-recurring engineering charge) for cost savings
  • Stamped from think sheet metal
  • Made from copper or aluminum
  • High aspect fin ratio designs to enable densely packed fin count
  • No minimum order quantity (MOQ)
  • Can be customized with copper plates, heat pipes, or vapor chambers to enhance heat transfer
  • RoHS Compliant

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Skived Heat Sinks

Skived heat sinks are fabricated by precisely slicing layers from bar stock metal block before being bent at the base of the slide, forming very thin, curved fins. Skiving allows heat sinks to have a high fin density, with fin thickness as low as 0.25mm and only 0.5mm spacing between fins and up to 70 and 60mm in height for aluminum and copper, respectively.