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Multi-Sensor PBL

MS 1000-PBL-20

The MS 1000-PBL-20 is a three-sensor probe designed for the measurement of air velocity and temperature in the same vertical plane. It eliminates the need for multiple probes or a traversing probe for determining the flow profile or distribution.

Product Specifications
  • Height: 13, 18 and 23mm (0.53, 0.73 and 0.92")
  • Base Height: 10mm (0.4")
  • Base Diameter: 15.2mm (0.6")
  • Flow Range: 0 to 50 m/s (0 to 10,000 ft/min)
  • Temperature Range: -20ºC to 120ºC (-4ºF to 248ºF)
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1ºC
  • Component Testing
  • Heat Sink Characterization
  • Heat Sink Comparison
  • PCB Testing
  • Thermal Characterization Studies
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  • The families of ATS thermal test instruments for the electronics industry.
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