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Medical Applications

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Proliferation of electronics in the medical market sector is known to all of us. Even when we compare today’ presence of electronics in the medical field with only a decade ago, we see a marked reliance on electronics to provide care and diagnosis. As the result, Healthcare professionals depend on the accuracy and reliability of these instruments in order to provide reliable care to their patients. Bio-medical equipment have similar electronics cooling requirements, but with the unique sensitivity that their reliability may directly impact someone’s well-being. Further, like with any other electronics, they are expected to perform at a higher response rate without failure. As the result, their thermal management is of paramount importance.

Cold Plate Solutions for thermal managment in madical applications

Thermal Management in Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Medical applications present unique thermal challenges that are not necessary in other industries. These challenges are directly related to their use (ambient conditions) and fail-proof operation. In addition to these, a major challenge is associated with such devices interacting with humans in a compromised condition. Issues such as acoustic noise, EMI emissions, surface temperature constraints, dissemination of bacterial agents, etc. add additional complexity to the thermal design, while attempting to keep the electronics cool for the highest response rate.



We engaged with ATS’ engineering services for the thermal design of a moderately powered laser diode used in medical applications. The design required not only for the device to be cooled effectively, it needed to be ergonomically designed for human interaction and handling of the probe by the operator...The in-depth knowledge of heat transfer and fluid flow by ATS’ engineers, as well as an excellent understanding of the application of the final product, resulted in a successful and cost effective launch of this probe. - Bio-Medical Device OEM