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Open Loop Wind Tunnels

Research-Quality Open Loop Wind Tunnels

ATS offers a comprehensive selection of research quality, open loop wind tunnels. These highly accurate wind tunnels are an ideal instrument for thermal characterization studies on components, circuit boards and cooling devices such as heat sinks, heat exchangers and cold plates. All ATS wind tunnels are offered in a variety of flow ranges, temperature conditions and sensor ports, with custom options available. ATS’ open loop wind tunnels feature a large Plexiglas test section, enabling flow visualization, a useful tool in PCB design and optimization. The CWT series wind tunnels can be operated vertically or horizontally, maximizing lab space and BWT-104™ and BWT-100™ are lightweight, easily portable bench top wind tunnels.

CWT-108™ Open Loop Wind Tunnel

Thermally characterize components, boards and heat sinks under a range of air flow conditions. It provides up to 5.5 m/s homogeneous flow.

CWT-107™ Open Loop Wind Tunnel

Produces uniform airflow to 5.5 m/s in its turbulence-free test chamber. Multiple ports allow different sensor for faster, more detailed characterization studies.

CWT-106™ Open Loop Wind Tunnel

This customizable wind tunnel produces 0.5 to 10 m/s air flow. Tray-mounted fans are easily swapped to simulate a wide variety of conditions.

CWT-100™ Open Loop Wind Tunnel

Allows front and back visualization of air flow tests within a Plexiglas chamber. The CWT-100 operates both vertically and horizontally. Airflows up to 10 m/s.

BWT-104™ Open Loop Wind Tunnel

The BWT-104™ is a research quality wind tunnel that provides uniform airflow up to 4 m/s within its wide, easily viewed test chamber.

BWT-100™ Portable Wind Tunnel

The BWT-100™ produces airflow up to 2 m/s and is portable for lab and off site studies. Optional heat slugs are available for heat sink testing.

CWT-PCB™ Open Loop Wind Tunnel

For airflow testing of up to six actual or simulated PCBs. Optional heating elements allow for elevated air temperature testing.