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Surface Thermography

Liquid Crystal & Surface Thermography Systems for Temperature Mapping Studies

ATS offers a series of Liquid Crystal Thermography Systems for cost effective temperature measurement of electronic circuit boards, micro circuits, hybrids, components and integrated circuits. All ATS thermography systems use liquid crystals for temperature mapping. Liquid crystals reflect incident light at the visible wave length based on the temperature of the surface to which they are applied, allowing for easy and accurate hot spot identification.

tvLYT™ Surface Temperature Measurement by Liquid Crystals

tvLYT™ is a high-resolution liquid crystal thermography system that provides a cost-effective

thermVIEW™ Surface Thermography Image Processor

thermVIEW™ is the first commercially available, turn-key thermochromic liquid crystal image processing system

ethermVIEW™ Liquid Crystal Thermography

High resolution liquid crystal thermography system for cost effective temperature measurement of electronic devices.

TLC-100™ Thermochromic Liquid Crystal Kit

Thermochromic Liquid Crystal kit designed for heat transfer studies and temperature mapping.