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Archive of Past Thermal Management Webinars

    Webinar Archive


    Archive of Past Thermal Management Webinars

    • Past monthly webinars held on important aspects of thermal engineering
    • Taught by thermal engineering and heat transfer industry experts
    • Watch online, at your convenience

    Thermal Management of Consumer Electronics

           2011- May 26

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    How to Perform and Understand Temperature Measurement within Electronic Systems

           2011 - Apr 28

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    Heat Sink Materials: Choices and Tradeoffs

          2011 - March 24

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    Heat Sink Selection Made Easy

         2011 - February 24

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    Electronics Cooling Technologies Update - What’s New in Thermal Management Options

         2011 - January 27

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    Santa’s Sleigh- The Light Side of Thermal Management

         2010 - December 16

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    Thermal Management of Telecomm & Datacomm Equipment

         2010 - December 8

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    Basics and Options in Thermal Modeling and Analysis of Electronic Systems

         2010 - November 18

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    Using Thermal Interface Materials to Improve Heat Sink Thermal Performance

         2010 - October 28

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