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Heat Pipe & Vapor Chamber Design

In line with ATS 3-Core Design Services, often because of packaging constraints, thermal transport mechanisms such as heat pipes and vapor chambers need to be deployed or custom-designed for the specific application. There are hundreds of heat pipes and vapor chambers on the market and ATS offers a variety of off-the-shelf heat pipes. However, in order to meet the unique requirements of a given design, ATS designs and manufacturers heat pipes and vapor chambers supported with high volume production.

A vapor chamber (VC) is basically a flat heat pipe that can be part of the base of a heat sink. It is vacuumed and then injected with just enough liquid, e.g. water, to wet the wick. The theory of operation for a vapor chamber is the same as for a heat pipe. The heat source causes the liquid to vaporize on the evaporator side. The resulting pressure increase in this area forces the vapor into the condenser side, which is the base of the heat sink. Here, the vapor transfers the heat to the heat sink, and it then condenses back to liquid. The liquid is pumped back to the base through the capillary action of the wick structure.

ATS’ engineering team further integrates these mechanisms in the chassis to ensure meeting the thermal and packaging requirements of the system for the intended deployment site.