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Heat Pipe & Vapor Chamber Custom Designs

Designing Heat Pipe and Vapor Chamber Assemblies for Specific Applications

Vapor Chambers

Sub-mm, formed to fit applications.Standard off the shelf or custom.

Aluminum, Copper and Titanium Vapor Chambers

The ATS family of Aluminum vapor chambers are the largest and broadest set of off the shelf vapor chambers available today. Sizes for our standard off the shelf offering range from 25x25mm (1x1in) to 250x250mm (9.8x9.8in). Made in the USA, the vapor chambers are also available in Copper and Titanium. For more information on our off the shelf and custom vapor chambers please visit our Al, CU and Ti Off the Shelf Vapor Chamber Page.

We manaufacture our vapor chambers in the USA in our manufacturing facility in Norwood MA.  We can create a wide variety of custom variations based on a customer‘s application.  Contact us to discuss your application.

Material Types:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Titanium

Wick Types:

  • Pillar
  • Coarse Mesh
  • Fine Mesh
  • Al Coarse Mesh
  • Other materials based on design

Fluid Types

  • Water
  • Acetone
  • Propelyne Glycol
  • Other fluid types based on design

Want to learn more about Vapor Chambers? Our free 17 page engineering eBook will give you many of the details you need, click here to get your copy " Vapor Chambers and Their Roles in Thermal Management of Electronics".  You can see our vapor chamber intro and explainer video on our YouTube Channel.

Heat Pipe Assembly Design

Custom Heat Pipe Assemblies for Electronics Cooling

Thermal transport mechanisms such as heat pipes and vapor chambers are deployed to enhance heat transfer in certain applications, but neither technology will dissipate heat on its own. In line with ATS 3-Core Design Services, our engineers can design thermal solutions with embedded heat pipes or vapor chambers, using heat sinks, a chassis, or the system enclosure to remove the heat to the ambient. These innovative cooling solutions will meet even the toughest thermal challenges.

Heat pipes, as the video below explains, can be attached to assemblies with three common methods: epoxy, press-fit, and soldering. ATS engineers can design solutions using the method that best suits the desired applications and support the manufacture of high-quality prototypes right through to high-volume productions. ATS has expanded its line of off-the-shelf heat pipes to meet the demands of engineers. Choose from one of our wide selection of heat pipe options and let our engineers create a solution that meets your specific requirements.