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PCIe Card Thermal Management

Thermal Management Consulting, Products, Education and Resources for Cooling PCIe Cards

PCIe (peripheral component interconnect express) cards are the industry standard for high bandwidth communication between computer devices, the motherboard, and other hardware. To maintain optimal speed of data transfer, thermal management of PCIe cards is critical. Excessive heat will lead to slowdowns and increased error rates in video graphics cards, network interface cards, computer memory, hard drive controllers, and other devices that benefit from PCIe technology.

ATS is an industry-leader in thermal management of electronics and has unique experience in cooling PCIe cards and the systems that include them. ATS will provide the necessary cooling for each card and the airflow analysis that will keep the entire system running at peak performance. Depending on Avoid thermal issues that will slow down data rates by using ATS heat sinks and consulting and design services. ATS can create cooling solutions for all PCIe sizes and next-generation device connections, including cards with built-in solid-state drives (SSD)

PCIe Thermal Management Solutions

ATS also provides in-house testing and validation services that enable designs to be tested under real-world conditions to ensure that it will perform as expected. Click here for more information about ATS testing and validation services.

3 Core Design

Design and Analysis

  • 3-Core Design Process

    • Analytical Modeling and Simulation
    • Computational Modeling and Simulation
    • Empirical Modeling and Simulation
  • Testing & Validation

    • IR & LC Thermography
    • Temperature, Velocity & Pressure Measurement
    • JEDEC Testing
    • Elevated & Below Ambient Temperature Testing
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Liquid & Air Flow Visualization