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Surface Temperature Measurement by Liquid Crystals

Videos: tvLYT™ Overview  |  What's Included & Features  |  How to Set Up the tvLYT™  |  How To use the tvLYT™

tvLYT™ is a high-resolution liquid crystal thermography system that provides a cost-effective and portable solution for precision temperature measurement of electronics, circuit boards, micro-circuits, hybrid components, and integrated circuits. Use tvLYT™ to locate hot spots and defects, design and verify integrated circuits, and quickly and easily analyze the temperature gradient of devices and systems.

System Components
  • High performance, solid-state, color camera with macroscopic optic
  • Stable, flicker-free LED light source
  • USB Connection
  • Thermochromic Liquid Crystal (TLC) materials supplied in an easy to use kit
  • Windows-compatible image processing software system, thermVIEW™ Lite
  • Lifetime technical support
Features & Benefits
  • Manual Focus
  • Field of view at 15mm distance: 26 x 26mm
  • Field of view at 48mm distance: 180 x 180mm
  • Software capabilities to 200mm by a factor of 16
  • Temperature accuracy to 1°C
  • Gooseneck for traversing camera support
  • LED lighting for high-intensity uniform illumination of the test specimen
  • A completely optical system based on visible light, independent of surface emissivity, as is required for infrared systems
Product and How To Videos
  • Overview of the features and uses of the tvLYT Surface Thermography System.
  • Features and uses of the tvLYT Surface Temperature Measurement System.
  • How to set up the tvLYT Surface Temperature Measurement System.
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