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Liquid Cooling Systems Design

Off-the-shelf liquid loop or custom-designed components to meet a system's thermal requirement

Liquid cooling is the next stage of thermal management once it is deemed that air cooling is not sufficient. ATS 3-Core design approach identifies the type of cooling required at the analysis level and informs the client of its options, saving cost and time on design iteration and simulation verifications. Once it’s determined that liquid cooling is the option to pursue, the ATS design team identifies all the required components of the liquid loop, as well its packaging requirements and integration in the system.

Liquid Loop

The below graphic shows a standard liquid loop, ATS provides custom and off-the-shelf components for each part of the loop
electronics cooling liquid loop

Custom-designed: Cold Plates

While any component in a liquid loop can be purpose built for custom applications, one of the most often customized solutions are liquid cold plates.  ATS's custom cold plates can be made from a variety of shapes and materials for a wide variety of applications and fluid types.

An alternative to completely custom cold plates are ATS's DIY cold plates.  

The DIY (“Do It Yourself”) family of high-performance cold plates provides engineers with the freedom to drill holes to match the specific connection points of the devices being cooled such as IGBT, MOSFET, or other power electronics. Each cold plate has an etched “no drill zone” to provide a visual guide.

Outside of the “no drill zone,” through holes can be drilled at any point. (Avoid drilling into the I/O ports.) Inside the “no drill zone” holes can only be drilled to a depth of 6 mm to avoid damaging the internal fin field. (See explanatory graphic below).


Off-the-shelf liquid loop

ATS offers a complete array of off-the-shelf liquid loop components that can be readily deployed or custom-designed to meet the thermal requirements of the system. Subsequent integration of the liquid loop into the system provides the customer with a turn-key option for thermal management of their system.

Liquid Cooling Products