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PCB Cooling At a Fixed Cost

ATS offers a single, fixed price for the complete set of heat sinks required to cool any PCB. The Fixed Cost Board Cooling Program includes all design engineering, hardware, testing, procurement and delivery costs for the heat sinks, thermal interface materials, attachment devices and all other parts required for the effective thermal management of a board’s components.

Whether the solutions are for off-the-shelf heat sinks, custom designed, or a combination of both, ATS can now offer them at a fixed cost. The program also eliminates separate costs for design, tooling, samples, verification and supply chain management. The Fixed Cost Board Cooling Program is ideal for companies looking for ways to reduce their product development costs, speed time-to-market and ensure thermal reliability.

Heat Sinks on a PCB 10 or less 20 or less Greater than 20
Cost per PCB $50.00 $75.00 $100.00
Cost per Heat Sink $5.00 $3.75 $2.50*

* based on 40 heat sinks on a PCB.
Note: the plan is fixed as shown, add 15% if copper heat sinks are required

If any custom heat sinks are required to bring certain components within their manufacturer-designated running temperatures, ATS assumes all tooling charges and sample production costs, including any customized heat sink attachment hardware. In addition, ATS will perform all physical testing at its Thermal Characterization Laboratory, which features advanced open loop and closed loop wind tunnels, temperature and velocity measurement sensors and other analysis instrumentation, to verify the cooling design.

All designs and performance reports are provided to customers, who can perform their own thermal analyses and verification studies using the ATS characterization lab and samples of the actual heat sink solutions at no extra cost.