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    Our Next Webinar: 

    Cooling Methodologies for High Power Systems and Components - A Technology Review

    Date:     October 21, 2021    
    Time:     2PM - 3:30PM EST   
    Length: 60 minutes + 30 min for Q&A   

    High power systems of various kinds have become even more widely deployed than in the past. From 15kW IGBT power systems, to 50kW high density power converters, to even higher wattage for computing racks. As the need for applications for systems with this power has grown, so too has the thermal management solutions that allows these systems to operate at their intended performance levels. This webinar covers the newest strategies and technologies for these very high-power applications. In this webinar, presented by thermal management expert Dr. Kaveh Azar, we explore the limits of air cooling and the role that liquid cooling will play in meeting the growing power and thermal demands of electronics systems.

    2021 - 2022 Webinar Schedule

    > January 21, 2021 "Electronics Cooling Fundamentals"  Click here to access the recorded webinar

    > February 25, 2020 "How to Attach Heat Pipes to Evaporators & Condensers for Deployment in Electronics Thermal Management" Click here to access the recorded webinar

    > March 18, 2021 "Heat Pipes & Vapor Chambers - How They Work and Their Deployment in Electronics Thermal Management"  Click here to access the recorded webinar

    > April 15, 2021 "How to Choose the Right Heat Sink Attachment for Component Packages of All Sizes and Shapes"  Click here to access the recorded webinar

    > May 20, 2021 "Air Cooling: Heat Sink Design and Selection" Click here to access the recorded webinar

    > June 17, 2021 3PM EST  "Design Considerations for the PCB for Thermal Management" Click here to access the recorded webinar

    > July, August  2021, "Summer Break - Please Enjoy the Wonderful Summer"

    > September 16, 2021 2PM EST   "Limits of Air Cooling and the Role of Liquid Cooling in Growing Thermal Demands" Click here to access the recorded webinar

    > October 21, 2021 2PM EST  "Cooling Methodogies for High Power Systems and Components: A Technology Review" Register Here

    > November 18. 2021 2PM EST  "Analysis and Application of Fan Curves and Fan Laws in Thermal Management of Electronics" Register Here

    > December 2021 2PM EST  "Winter Break ~ Please Enjoy The Month Off!"

    > January 2022  2PM EST   "Electronics Cooling Technologies Update: The Evolution of Thermal Management" Register Here

    > February 17. 2022 2PM EST  "Chillers and Their Use in Liquid Cooling" Register Here

    > March 17. 2022 2PM EST  "Thermal Management of Telecomm & Datacomm Equipement" Register Here

    > April 21, 2022 2PM EST   "Heat Exchangers and their Use in Liquid Cooling" Register Here

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