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    Our 2024-2025 Webinar Series is being rolled out, starting with June 2024!

    Thermal Engineering Webinars

    • Monthly webinars held on important aspects of thermal engineering
    • Taught by thermal engineering and heat transfer industry experts
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    Our Next Webinar:  Thermal Design and Sizing of Cold Plates for Cooling Electronic Components, and The Proper Selection of Coolant.

    Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) will provide a free webinar: Thermal Design and Sizing of Cold Plates for Cooling Electronic Components, and The Proper Selection of Coolant. The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, June 20 at 2:00 pm EST.

    The use of liquid cooling systems is becoming more practical and effective for managing skyrocketing increases in power dissipation. But questions abound: How do you decide when you need to cool with liquid? How do you find the right liquid cooling system for your application?

    This webinar provides the best practices for implementing a liquid cooling system at the device and PCB level. Several application examples will be shown, as well as details on the many cold plate types and constructions available.

    The instructional webinar is presented by Dr. Kaveh Azar, President and CEO of ATS and a global expert in electronics thermal management. The presentation will run for 60 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of QA between Dr. Azar and attendees.


    Date:      June 20, 2024
    Time:     2:00PM EST
    Length:  60 minutes + 30 minutes QA

    2024-2025 Webinar Schedule

    • June 20, 2024 "Thermal design and sizing of cold plates for cooling electronic components and the proper selection of coolant" 

    • July 11, 2024  "How To Design & Build a Liquid Loop for Electronics Cooling"

    • September 12, 2024 "Limits of Air Cooling and the Role of Liquid Cooling in Growing Thermal Demands

    • October 10, 2024 "How to Choose the Right Heat Sink Attachment for Component Packages of All Sizes and Shapes

    • November 14, 2024 "Two Stage Liquid Cooling Architecture and Applications"

    • December 12, 2024 "Design Considerations for the PCB for Thermal Management"

    • January 9, 2025  "Electronics Cooling Technologies Update: The Evolution of Thermal Management"

    • February 13, 2025  "Heat Pipes & Vapor Chambers - How They Work and Their Deployment in Electronics Thermal Management"

    • March 13, 2025 "Air Cooling: Heat Sink Design and Selection"

    • April 10, 2025  "Thermal Management of Battery Packs for automotive and other EV"

    • May 8, 2025 "Analytical Modeling in Thermal Engineering"

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