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Thermal Management webinars


    Thermal Engineering Webinars

    • Monthly webinars held on important aspects of thermal engineering
    • Taught by thermal engineering and heat transfer industry experts
    • To attend a free webinar, click the registration button next to the topic you want to attend

    Our Next Webinar: 

    Thermal Management of Medical Electronics

    Date:      January 26, 2017
    Time:      2PM EST
    Length:  60 minutes + 30 min. Q & A

    The objective of all thermal management is to ensure that the device junction temperature, the hottest point on a semiconductor, stays below a set limit. This is true for all electronic systems. But in medical electronics there are unique thermal challenges that have to be overcome in order to ensure the device junction temperature goal is met.

    The unique challenges for medical applications include: (1) Stringent material selection: Some materials widely used more widely in thermal management cannot be used for the cooling of medical electronics. Copper for example, may cause irritation or a neurodegenerative condition and should be used carefully. (2) Spatial constraints may exist, such as with the case of forcepts where only 2-4mm of width may be possible creating a constrained space with very low airflow. (3) Constant, reliable repeatability. (4) Temperature reliability within a range. (5) FDA requirements in some cases.

    This webinar, presented by thermal management expert Dr. Kaveh Azar, Ph.D., will address all these issues and more. The webinar is one hour in length with time for questions and answers afterwards online and after the webinar concludes.

    IoT Thermal Management Webinar  May 18 2016 2PM


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