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Thermal Management webinars


    Thermal Engineering Webinars

    • Monthly webinars held on important aspects of thermal engineering
    • Taught by thermal engineering and heat transfer industry experts
    • To attend a free webinar, click the registration button next to the topic you want to attend

    Our Next Webinar: 

    Heat Pipes & Vapor Chambers  - How They Work and Their Deployment in Electronics Thermal Management

    Date:    October 22, 2020    
    Time:    2PM - 3:30PM EST   
    Length: 60 minutes + 30 min for Q&A   

    Sponsored by:

    As electronics become faster and more powerful, thermal solutions must evolve to deal with the increasing heat loads.  Simply increasing the size of a heat sink, or adding a fan, was once enough to provide the required increased performance.  But, while air cooling remains the dominant method of thermal management in the electronics industry, there are applications where traditional air cooling is not sufficient. This webinar discusses how to deploy heat pipes and vapor chambers in thermal management, including the use of microchannels.

    • Webinars are presented by thermal management expert Dr. Kaveh Azar, Ph.D., will address all these issues and more. The webinar is one hour in length with time for questions and answers afterward online and after the webinar concludes.

    2020 - 2021 Webinar Schedule (all webinars at 2PM EST unless otherwise noted)

    > June 18, 2020 "Electronics Cooling Technologies Update: The Evolution of Thermal Management"  Click here to access the recorded webinar.

    > July 23, 2020 "Limits of Air Cooling and the Role of Liquid Cooling in  Growing Thermal Demands" Click here to access the recorded webinar.

    > August 20, 2020 "Thermal Modeling Approaches and Principles " Click here to access the recorded webinar

    > September 17, 2020 "Selecting and Designing Liquid Cold Plates for Deployment in Electronic Systems" Click here to access the recorded webinar

    > October 22, 2020 "Heat Pipes & Vapor Chambers  - How They Work and Their Deployment in Electronics Thermal Management "  Register Here

    > November 12, 2020 "Battery Cooling (Automotive)" Register Here

    > December 2020 - Winter Break, Enjoy Your Holiday!

    > January 21, 2021 "Electronics Cooling Fundamentals"  Register Here

    > February 18, 2020 "Air Cooling: Heat Sink Design and Selection" Register Here

    > March 18, 2021 "How to Perform and Understand Temperature Measurement within Electronic Systems"  Register Here


    Looking for a past webinar?  Please visit our archives.  

    Click here to reach our archived training webinars.