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Fabrication Capabilities

Quality-Built Cooling Solutions, From Prototypes To High Volume Production

ATS offers an extensive array of fabrication methods right from its manufacturing facility in Massachusetts, allowing quick manufacturing of detailed design prototypes, giving customers a competitive edge. High volume production is available through our partnered Shenzhen facilities in order to reduce cost and lead times.

Fabrication Methods:


  • 6 precision CNC vertical milling machines
  • 1 high volume CNC horizontal mill machine with dual rotary pallets
  • 35 manual vertical & horizontal mill machines
  • 10 automatic cross cut machines
  • 40 arbor punch press machines
  • 4 CNC punch press machines
  • 8 CNC bending machines
  • 4 PEM installation machines
  • 15 sanders, grinders & tumblers
  • 2 CNC Laser Welders
  • Custom Heat Pipe Forming


  • Aluminum (AL6061 & AL6063)
  • Copper
  • Plastic
  • Stainless Steel