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Thermal Management Short Courses

    Short Courses

    Technical Training Programs

    ATS offers a series of short courses and technical training programs in the thermal management of electronics’ systems and related topics taught by leading experts in the field. All courses are scheduled either via live streaming, at ATS's headquarters in Norwood, MA (USA) or at the customer's location.

    ATS' short courses are generally one week in length and custom tailored to the needs and interests of the engineers attending. A minimum of 15 attendees is required. Please contact ATS to discuss your short course requirements.

    ATS also offers one to two day long technical training programs for companies and will customize trainings to meet specific requirements. A minimum of 15 attendees is required. Common topics include:

    • Electronics Cooling - Theory & Application
    • Electronics Cooling for Non-Mechanical Engineers
    • Fundamentals of Heat Transfer
    • Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
    • Practical Thermodynamics
    • Experimental Methods in Electronics Cooling
    • Experimental Thermal Engineering
    • Application of Computational Methods in Electronics Cooling
    • Reliability Predictions and Evaluations of Electronic Systems