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iTHERM 200

Instrument Bundle

iTHERM-200 Test Station

An automated test station consisting of:

• Wind Tunnel – CWT-100
• Wind Tunnel Controller – WTC-100
• Air Flow Measurement System – eATVS-8 with 8 Candle Stick Sensors
• Pressure Measurement System – PTM-1000

The iTHERM-200™ is an integral system of instruments for precisely measuring and recording airflow velocity and temperature data at multiple points inside electronics housings and on circuit cards. The new system includes a freestanding wind tunnel, an automated wind tunnel controller, sensors and a temperature and air velocity scanner. The system’s large test chamber and eight candlestick-style sensors allows characterization testing on active or prototype boards and racks, including single ATCA, MicroTCA, cPCI and AMC.

The iTHERM 200™ includes an eATVS-8 eight-channel hot wire anemometer for consolidating multi-point velocity and temperature readings into a data management program. Also included is a four-channel pressure transducer that measures differential pressure in enclosures where airflow integrity is critical to proper product performance.

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