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Specialty Instruments

Unique Instruments for Specific Thermal Management Application and Studies

ATS offers a variety of unique specialty instruments, designed for specific applications across the electronics industry. These instruments range from providing heat flux measurements and cold plate characterization, to precise isothermal surface temperature control and fan flow characterization.

HFC-100™ Heat Flux Controller

High heat flux chip simulator capable of dissipating up to 1kW/cm2 to accurately determine the thermal characteristics of heat sinks and cold plates.

CIP-1000™ Isothermal Plate

Controllable Isothermal Plate system for providing an isothermal surface that can be controlled from 10 to 170°C +/- 0.1°C.

FCM-100™ Fan Characterization

Specialized unit designed to test and characterize fans of various sizes and performance outputs.

DAC-200™ Voltage Converter

Instrument for outputting analog voltage linearly proportional to air velocity and temperature.

iFLOW-200™ Cold Plate System

The iFLOW-200™ system measures the thermal and hydraulic characteristics of a cold plate.

FSC-200™ Fan Speed Controller

Controls fan/fan trays from 0 to 100% PWM with accuracy of +/- 1%