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Telecom Applications and Thermal Management Consulting for Electronics Cooling Solutions

Thermal Management in Telecommunciations

Thermal Management Consulting, Products, Education and Resources for Cooling Telecom Applications

As technology continues to rapidly advance, there is a growing worldwide concern about the increasing energy consumption of telecommunications systems and the data centers or central offices where such equipment reside. The need for effective thermal management solutions are at an all-time high when the central office or data center ambient temperature exceeds 35°C.

ATS is uniquely experienced in telecomm and datacomm mechanical packaging and thermal design. ATS is considered the premier resource in this market sector based on its experience and diverse products offering that are specifically designed for telecomm and datacomm equipment. As leaders in this market, ATS has resolved many thermal issues in the telecommunications industry. ATS’s thermal analysis and design services’ team is capable of analyzing the full packaging domain, including components, circuit boards (PCBs), shelves, chassis and system packaging to ensure optimal thermal performance.


ATS has been a strong and expert partner, developing innovative electronics thermal management solutions for customers using Cavium processors. They are an industry-leader in developing cooling products which will enable our customers to accelerate the design and development of their specific applications.- Cavium Networks