ATS Products

Closed Loop Wind Tunnels

Reaseach quality and Laboratory Tested

ATS' research quality, closed loop wind tunnels allow for heat sinks, PCBs, card racks and components to be accurately tested at elevated temperatures. They provide a wide range of airflow conditions with easy set up and precise control of air speed and temperature. The CLWT-067™ and CLWT-115™ fit on most lab benches and have a smaller footprint than traditional, closed loop wind tunnels or environmental test chambers.

  • CLWT-100™ Free Standing Wind Tunnel

    CLWT-100™Free Standing Wind Tunnel

    The CLWT-100™ provides uniform airflow over components, heat sinks and PCBs. Precise controls for flow characterization and visualization, and thermal studies.

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  • CLWT-067™ Closed Loop Wind Tunnel

    CLWT-067™Closed Loop Wind Tunnel

    Research-quality wind tunnel for thermally characterizing PCBs and components at temperatures from ambient to 85°C. Fast to set up and easy to operate.

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  • CLWT-115™ HQ, Very Low Turbulence

    CLWT-115™HQ, Very Low Turbulence

    Quickly change the test specimen through the front access test section. Measure pressure, velocity and temperature through the sensor ports.

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  • CLWT-067-PCIe™ Wind tunnel for PCIe Cards

    CLWT-067-PCIe™Wind tunnel for PCIe Cards

    The CLWT-067-PCIe™, is a unique closed loop wind tunnel for thermal characterization of components, boards and heat sinks specifically for full and half size PCIe cards.

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