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LED Applications and Thermal Management Consulting for Electronics Cooling Solutions

LED Applications

Thermal Management Consulting, Products, Education and Resources for Cooling LED Applications

LED lighting is leading the way for a new generation of commercial and industrial illumination. Incandescent, CFL, Halide, Sodium lights are quickly being replaced with LED lighting solutions. LED technology is being driven by multiple factors, such as: lower power, higher light output, longer life and new color configurations. One of the major obstacles that commercial and industrial LED lighting faces is Thermal Management, where high demands placed on LEDs for brightness, require higher power, which produces more heat. To resolve these issues new and creative ways need to be used to resolve the thermal management problems that are present with the hottest points on the LED’s PCB.Request a Quote or Information on LEDs

Custom LED Cooling Capabilities

ATS offers custom industrial and commercial LED cooling solutions through its extensive design & manufacturing services. Rapid prototyping from our US facility ensures quick turn around time. High volume production from our Asian facility

Design and Analysis

  • 3-Core Design Process
    • Analytical Modeling and Simulation
    • Computational Modeling and Simulation
    • Empirical Modeling and Simulation
  • Testing & Validation
    • IR & LC Thermography
    • Temperature, Velocity & Pressure Measurement
    • JEDEC Testing
    • Elevated & Below Ambient Temperature Testing
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Liquid & Air Flow Visualization


  • Fabrication Technologies
    • Precision CNC machining
    • Metal & Plastic Welding
    • Metal Fabrication
    • Skiving
    • Zipper Fin
    • Extrusion
    • Punch Press
    • Die Casting
    • Stamping
    • Bending & Cutting
    • Sheet Metal Fabrication
    • Laser Etching and Engraving
  • Finishing Services
    • Anodization
    • Plating
    • Powder Coating

ATS is a company with vast expertise in thermal management design and manufacturing. ATS already has a range of products specifically for LED cooling. They understand the heat-related challenges presented by LEDs, as well as the cost and performance demands of the consumer marketplace.- Lemnis Lighting