ATS Thermal Design Tools

ATS has developed calculators that can be used by engineers to do "back of the envelope" type of calculations.

These well researched tools have been validated and is used by ATS engineers as a first step in identifying the size, performance required for any particular thermal solution

Thermal Management Calculators

These are a set of tools that enables the user to quickly ascertain the thermal and product requirements for the application at hands. These tools are developed by engineers at ATS and are used as a quick and accurate means for design and thermal response assessments.

  • cph-selection

    This calculator will help the user select a cold plate and a heat exchanger from the ATS standard product line based on the requirements of the project.

  • Tube Cold Plate Thermal Resistance Calculator

    Using basic fluid mechanics and heat transfer equations this calculator will calculate the performance of a tubed cold plate and can be used to size your custom cold plate.

  • Solar Load Calculator

    Solar load can be detrimental to operations of electronics. This tool enables the user to quickly assess the magnitude of the solar-load in the geo-location where the electronic enclosure may reside.

  • Liquid Loop Design Calculator

    For liquid cooling scenarios there are few components to complete the liquid loop. This calculator will help you design the entire liquid loop.

  • Liquid Loop Design Calculator

    This tool enables the user to identify the thermal performance of a finned (IGBT) cold plate and searches for a availability of such a cold plate in ATS offering. If it does not exist, enables the user to submit the requirement to ATS for a custom cold plate inquiry.

Product Selection/Calculators

ATS has developed a set of tools to facilitate the selection of appropriate cooling solution components for the applications at hand. These include, Heat Sink, Heat Exchanger and heat pipes.

  • Thermal calculator forms

    This calculator is a quick and easy tool to either estimate the performance of a heatsink with known dimensions, be it natural convection or forced convection OR design / contrast and compare different heatsink designs OR optimize a heatsink for best performance.

  • Heat exchanger Selector
    Heat exchanger selection tool forms

    This tool will help the user identify the best suited ATS heat exchanger based on the parameters input

  • Heat pipe selection tool
    Heat pipe selection tool

    The heat pipe selection tool will help the user select, from the ATS heat pipe product portfolio, the best suited heat pipe for their application.