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Heat Sink Design - Input Panel  
Heat Sink Design
Enter Project Name
L = Heat Sink Base Length (mm) Tf = Fin Thickness (mm)
W = Heat Sink Base Width (mm) Tb = Base Thickness (mm)
H = Heat Sink Height (mm) N = Number of Fins
Type = Type of Heat Sink V = Velocity (m/s)
[Default= 1]
Wtop = Heat Sink Top Width (mm)
Heat Sink Material Emissivity [Default= 0.85]
Ta = Ambient Temperature (oC)
[Default= 25]
TIM = Thermal Interface Material
P = Component Power (W)
[Default= 10]
Lc = Component Heat Source Size
      - Die/Chip (mm)

LL = Cross cut Fin length(mm) [Default= 2.5] SL = Cross Cut Spacing (mm) [Default= 2]
Heat Sink
Rca= Thermal Resistance (oC/W)       DP= Pressure Drop (Pascal or in-H2O)