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Lab Capabilities

Thermal Characterization Lab For Testing & Analysis

ATS’ Thermal Characterization Labs are located at its R&D and Manufacturing Campus in Norwood, Massachusetts.  ATS features a unique selection of air velocity, air temperature and air pressure measurement instruments and wind tunnels for thermal management research, testing and analysis. With a total of six labs at the facility, ATS can characterize virtually any electronic system.


  • Semiconductor and Solid State Disk Drive Characterization
  • Elevated & Below Ambient Temperature Measurement
  • Velocity Measurement
  • Pressure Measurement
  • Fan Characterization
  • Liquid & Air Flow Visualization
  • Cold Plate Characterization
  • Liquid Loop System Testing
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Liquid Crystal Thermography
  • Authorized JEDEC Testing Facility
  • 3D Printing

Unique Equipment:

  • Water Tunnel
  • Open & Closed Loop Wind Tunnels
  • ATS Temperature & Velocity Scanners and Sensors
  • ATS Specialty Instruments for application specific testing
  • Surface Thermography Systems with 1micron-level spatial resolution
  • Custom LabVIEW-based software for automation and data collection

Flow visualization is one of the many techniques ATS engineers can use to see how air flows and what the potential problems can be.  Below are two photos of a smoke flow visualizatoin experiment. The picture on the top is a board in our BWT-104 bench top wind tunnel. The picture on the bottom is smoke showing the flow of air over two of the heat sinks on that board.  ATS uses smoke flow, water flow and other tools to physically see air flow when such analysis is necessary to get the best solution.