Double Cooling System with LED Temperature Contoller

Double Cooling System with LED Temperature Contoller

One on Standby, with LED Temperature Controller

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer for Medical & Laboratory Cold Storage

Minus80 Series

ATS’ VOSTOK, Minus80 series of ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems are designed and manufactured specifically for the long term storage of medical and laboratory products. ATS’ VOSTOK freezers are ideal for biological storage, including vaccines, viruses, germs, blood plasma, skin, bone marrow, sperm, and other biological, pelagic and special test products.

ATS’ VOSTOK, Minus80 series includes a wide range of single self-cascade, dual-cascade and double-cooling refrigeration systems. With its optimized evaporator design and state-of-the-art compressor, all Vostok freezers comfortably cool to -86°C.


  • Wide ambient temperature design cools to -86°C under ambient temperature from 10°C to 43°C
  • Wide capacity range, from 50-936L
  • Wide voltage range, from 187V-242V
  • Removable condenser cover, convenient for maintenance & cleaning
  • Reserved installation hole for circular-chart recorder
  • Protective cover for on/off switch, external alarm port & USB port
  • Removable inner door
  • Adjustable SUS304 shelves
  • Professional double testing hole
  • Adjustable foma wheel, easy for installation, leveling & maneuvering
  • Optional Frozen rack
  • Foamed inner & outer door, forced inner door handle & 3 layers of silicon seals
  • Each component is equipped with noise reducing, high density fire-proof sound-absorbing cotton


  • Hospitals
  • Blood Banks
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Epidemic Prevention/Response Services
  • Research Institutes
  • Biomedical & Chemical Industries
  • Marine Fishery Industries

Safety & Alarm Systems

  • Perfect alarm system with buzzer sound & lamp flashing alarm functions.
  • Alarms include: High/Low temperature, Power Failure, Abnormal Voltage, Sensor Error, Filter Screen Check, Thermostat Failure, Low Battery, Condenser Clean, High Ambient, Temperature & Door Ajar.
  • Multiple-protection functions including: password protection, frequent start-up protection & refrigerating system operation protection if sensor is faulted.

Refrigeration System

  • Ultra-thick foam layer, dual-sealing design of door, for effective temperature protection.
  • Optimized auto-cascade refrigerating system, state-of-the-art compressor, for excellent refrigerating performance.
  • Optimized evaporator design ensures the most effective flow of refrigerating fluid & temperature uniformity in the cabinet.
  • Unique fluoride-free mixed refrigerant fluid is 100% CFC-Free.
  • Single-compressor system, fewer part for lower failure rate & energy consumption.
  • EBM-Papst noiseless fan for stable performance & lower noise.

Temperature Control Function

  • Micro-computer control, digital temperature display, adjust unit is 0.1 °C.
  • Adjustable temperature. Temperature difference of start-up & shutdown can be set.
  • High & low temperature alarm function, alarm temperature can be set as needed.
  • Humanized Design

    • Food-grade stainless steel liner never gets rusty, safe for samples.
    • Heavy duty casters design makes it convenient to move.
    • Safety door design to prevent accidental opening.
    • LED temperature display, convenient & clear to observe.
    • Suitable for using at environmental temperature of 10~30°C
    • Optional digital temperature recorder makes it convenient to record & store performance data at special conditions, equipment with USB connector to copy data for analyzing.
    • Wide voltage range design, suitable for using when the voltage is 187V~242V.
    ATS Part Number
    Product Specifications ATSM80-S158L27 ATSM80-S208L34 ATSM80-S308L39 ATSM80-S408L54 ATSM80-S508L43
    Temperature Range °C -40 ~ -86 -40 ~ -86 -40 ~ -86 -40 ~ -86 -40 ~ -86
    Capacity (L) 160 212 302 385 508
    Outer Dimensions (in) L*W*H 27.6*27.6*62.2 31.9*28.7*63 31.9*29.9*71.3 33.5*37.8*73.2 34.4*28.7*74.8
    Inner Dimensions (in) L*W*H 18.1*17.9*31.5 22.4*19.1*31.5 22.4*19.1*44.9 21.7*24.8*44.9 22.4*28*44.3
    Temp. Controller Digital Digital Digital Digital Digital
    Touch Screen No No No No No
    Refrigerant Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed
    Cooling Method Direct Direct Direct Direct Direct
    Condenser Fan EBM EBM EBM EBM EBM
    Exterior Material Cold Rolled Steel Cold Rolled Steel Cold Rolled Steel Cold Rolled Steel Cold Rolled Steel
    Inner Material SS304 SS304 SS304 SS304 SS304
    Shelf/Drawer QTY 2 2 2 3 3
    Small Door (pcs) 3 3 3 4 4
    Foam Thickness (mm) 90 90 90 90 90
    Door Handle Built-In Built-In Full Height Full Height Full Height
    Door Lock No No No No No
    Handle, Lock & Key Buckle Lock Buckle Lock Buckle Lock Buckle Lock Buckle Lock
    Balance Hole No No No No No
    Caster No No No No No
    Temp Recorder No No No No No
    USB Interface No No No No No
    Power (W) 1015 1045 1110 1210 2250
    Weight (Kg) 128 147 165 215 260
    Voltage (V/Hz) 220/50 220/50 220/50 220/50 220/50
    Voltage (110V/60Hz) No No No No No
    Packing Honeycomb + Pallet Honeycomb + Pallet Honeycomb + Pallet Honeycomb + Pallet Plywood


    Optional List Description Weight (Kg)
    ATSM80-UP01 LCD Touch Screen Controller 0.5
    ATSM80-UP02 USB interface 0.5
    ATSM80-UP03 Large Color LCD Paperless Temperature recorder with USB 0.5
    ATSM80-UP04 Large Door Handle with key lock 1
    ATSM80-UP05 External hung type temperature recorder 0.5
    ATSM80-UP06 TR3000 remote temperature recorder Data logger 0.5
    ATSM80-UP07 Stainless steel Rack, 5*5 5.45
    ATSM80-UP08 Stainless steel Rack, 4*4 4.16
    ATSM80-UP09 Stainless steel Rack, 5*4 4.92
    ATSM80-UP10 Stainless steel Rack, 4*3 4.1
    ATSM80-UP11 Stainless steel Rack, 5*5 5.45
    ATSM80-UP12 Stainless steel Rack, 4*4 4.16
    ATSM80-UP13 Stainless steel Rack, 5*4 4.92
    ATSM80-UP14 Stainless steel Rack, 4*3 4.1
    ATSM80-UP15 CO2/LN standby system 15