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ATS has one of the largest heat pipe offerings in the industry and industry leading vapor chambers made from Aluminum, Copper and Titanium

vapor chambers
The ATS family of Aluminum vapor chambers are the largest and broadest set of off the shelf vapor chambers available today. From 25x25mm (1x1in) to 250x250mm (9.8x9.8in). Made in the USA, the vapor chambers are also available in Copper and Titanium.

ATS Heat Pipes
ATS high performance round and flat heat pipes are used to transfer heat with minimal temperature difference or spread the heat across a surface. ATS‘s heat pipes are low profile and easily attach to heat sinks. ATS has one of the largest heat pipe offerings in the industry with 350+ heat pipes off the shelf!
ATS Heat Pipe Bender Tools
The ATS Heat Pipe Bender Tool is a precision engineering tool designed to give engineers and technicians accurate and thermally reliable heat pipe bends. The tool gives the user the ability to apply the right amount of leverage and torque in order to get the right bend. The tool also stops a user from over bending and thus reducing the heat pipes thermal performance. Available for heat pipes of 3mm to 12mm in diameter