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Open Loop Wind Tunnel

The BWT-100™ is a unique, small benchtop portable wind tunnel for thermal characterization of components, boards and heat sinks. The unit is made of Plexiglas, weighs less than 4 kg (8 lbs) and produces flows up to 2 m/s (400 ft/min).

The BWT-100™ can be placed horizontally or vertically to adapt to direction-sensitive cooling systems. The test section is rear accessed and accommodates a removable test plate for mounting of the test specimens. In another version of the test plate, insulated heat slugs are provided for heat sink characterization tests. Four small DC muffin fans can be individually controlled to generate the flow inside the BWT-100™.

The test section is flush-mounted to the base of the BWT-100™ to eliminate any flow disturbances. Instrument ports are provided on the front panel of the unit for placement of temperature, velocity and pressure sensors.

Sensors to measure the flow parameters are also supplied by ATS as optional accessories.

Product Specifications
  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x D): 58 x 30.4 x 18.4 cm (22.8 x 12 x 7.2")
  • Test Section Dimensions (L x W x D): 30.6 x 25.4 x 2.5 cm (12 x 10 x 1")
  • Number of Sensor Ports: 2
  • Flow Range: 0 to 2 m/s (400 ft/min)
  • Power: 24VDC at 0.02 Amps
  • Weight: 4 Kg (8 lbs)
  • Materials: Aluminum, Plexiglas & Stainless Steel
  • Component Temperature Testing
  • Heat Sink Characterization
  • Accurate Sensor Calibration
  • Aerodynamic and Pressure Drop Measurement
  • Multiple PCB Testing
Additional Features
  • Operates vertically or horizontally, maximizing lab space
  • Extremely lightweight, compact and portable.
  • Plexiglas test section allows for optimal flow visualization
  • Variable Speeds
Product and How To Videos
  • The features and functions of the CWT Series of open loop wind tunnels
  • Demos of stageVIEW Software used with eATVS Temperature and Velocity Scanners.
  • The families of ATS thermal test instruments for the electronics industry.
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