ATS Products


Temperature & Velocity Measurement Sensors for Electronics Cooling Studies

ATS designs a range of sensors for more accurate measurement of air and surface temperatures and air velocities. The different models allow data to be obtained in many conditions, including tight spaces and narrow planes. ATS sensors work exclusively with our ATVS family of hot wire anemometer systems. All AYVS systems come with user-friendly, feature-rich software that allows users to capture data from any ATS sensor. Choose the ATVS unit that best suits your needs at or contact one of our experts for more information.

  • Candlestick Sensor Air Velocity Sensor


    A flexible, robust candlestick-design air velocity sensor that measures both temperature and velocity.

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  • Hand-Held Surface Probe HP 1000-SP

    Hand-HeldSurface Probe

    Stainless steel, single-sensor hand-held probe designed for measuring surface temperature

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  • Traversing Probe TP 1000-20


    Stainless steel traversing probe designed for measuring air velocity and temperature.

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  • Micro Sensor MIC 1000-20


    Designed for measuring fluid velocity and temperature in areas which are densely packed.

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  • Spot Sensor SP 1000-20R1


    Single-sensor probe designed for measuring the surface temperature of solids.

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  • Multi-Sensor in Plane MS 1000-IP-20

    Multi-Sensorin Plane

    3-sensor probe designed for measuring fluid velocity & temperature in the same vertical plane

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  • Multi-Sensor PBL MS 1000-PBL-20


    3-sensor probe designed for  velocity & temperature measurement in 3 different heights and 3 different horizontal positions.

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