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Embedded Computing Applications

Thermal Management Consulting, Products, Education and Resources for Cooling Embedded Computing Applications

Excess heat can cause problems for many embedded computing applications. Thermal management directions provided by component makers may be inadequate or unavailable. As a result, engineering must take the time and trouble to set up thermal tests in order to find the most effective cooling solution.

Cooling embedded computing can be more complicated than other electronics. When resolving embedded heat issues, engineers are often faced with very little space available for heat sinks or fans, minimal air flow, densely crowded PCBs and custom designed PCBs

To determine excess heat sources, ATS' laboratory-grade instruments and sensors measure air flow and temperature in multiple locations under variable conditions.

ATS offers an extensive range of heat sinks for embedded boards, which can be searched for using our heat sink selection tool, saving design time.

Additionally ATS also provides a free-half day of access to its thermal characterization laboratory and a fixed-price cooling solution, QoolPCB, which offers a more economical solution for the hottest embedded boards.