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Temperature & Velocity Measurement

Highly Accurate Instruments for Measuring Temperature & Air Velocity of Electronic Devices

Accurately measuring air and surface temperatures and air velocity is an important element to studies conducted in thermal management laboratories. ATS provides a variety of highly accurate, portable hot wire anemometer systems, pre-calibrated for high and low air flows, with up to 32 sensor ports. These precise instruments use a single sensor to measure both temperature and velocity, eliminating errors caused by the flow being non-isothermal. The unique iQ-200™ is the only instrument available on the market that measures temperature, velocity and pressure all with a single instrument.

iQ-200™ Measure T, V & P

iQ-200™ measures temperature, velocity & pressure with a single system.

Portable Anemometer Hand Held Anemometer

Portable Vane Anemometer with carrying case measures air flow speed, volumetric flow rate and temperature.

ATVS-NxT™ 32 Channel Anemometer

The ATVS-NxT™ is a fully-portable scanner that provides rapid and highly precise measurements

ATVS-2020™ 32 Channel Anemometer

Multi-channel automatic temperature & velocity scanner

eATVS-8™ 8-Channel Anemometer

Portable, 8-channel automatic temperature & velocity scanner

eATVS-4™ 4-Channel Anemometer

Portable 4-channel, automatic temperature & velocity scanner

ISD™ Sensor Board

The ISD™ sensor board is capable of measuring T & V without changing its two independent sensors.

ATS designs a range of sensors more accurate measurements of air and surface temperatures, and air velocities [...]