Do Zipper Fin Heat Sinks Need to be Tooled and is there an NRE?

A common question we get asked is: “Do Zipper Fin Heat Sinks Need to be Tooled and is there an NRE?” The short answer is yes. The individual fins that are used to create Zipper Fin heat sinks have to be created, and that does require a tool to create them. But is there an NRE (non-recurring engineering charge) to do that?

Well if the Zipper Fin heat sinks are from ATS, the answer is NO. The ATS selection of pre-tooled zipper fin profiles provides reliable cooling at significant cost savings for customers. Zipper fin heat sinks are a cost-effective and lightweight alternative to other high fin density solutions, especially for high-volume production. ATS pre-tooled zipper fin profiles have no NRE (non-recurring engineering charge) to offer further savings for customers!

ducted aluminum heat sink with zipper fin

To learn more about our heat sinks made from Zipper fins, please visit our Zipper Fin page on our web site: ATS Zipper Fin Heat Sinks.

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