ATS Releases a Line of Freezers For Vaccines, Biotech and other Medical and Scientific Applications

[Video here on ATS’s YouTube Channel]. ATS’ VOSTOK, Minus80 series of ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems are designed and manufactured specifically for the long term storage of medical and laboratory products. ATS’ VOSTOK freezers are ideal for biological storage, including vaccines, viruses, germs, blood plasma, skin, bone marrow, sperm, and other biological, pelagic and special test products. ATS’ VOSTOK, Minus80 series includes a wide range of single self-cascade, dual-cascade and double-cooling refrigeration systems that comfortably cool to -86 °C. Additionally, the PortM80 is a portable ultra-low temperature freezer, ideal for vaccine distribution, especially the Covid-19 vaccine. With its optimized evaporator design and state-of-the-art compressor, all VOSTOK freezers comfortably cool to -86°C.

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