October Webinar 2021 Cooling Methodologies for High Power Systems and Components, 10-21-21 2PM EST

High power systems of various kinds have become even more widley deployed than in the past. From 15kW IGBT power systems, to 50kW high density power converters, to even higher wattage for computing racks. As the need for applications for systems with this power has grown, so too has the thermal management solutions that allows these systems to operate at their intended performance levels.

This webinar covers the newest strategies and technologies for these very high power applications. In this technology review webinar attendees will learn:

  • How the integration of the thermal architecture with electronic architecture can can significantly improve the effectiveness of thermal management.
  • The use of passive two phase thermosyphon loops for cooling data center racks
  • How to passively cool outdoor 7.2kW power supply electronics enclosures
  • The application of a closed rack cooling system based on pulsating heat pipes
  • The development of a loop heat pipe with kW-class heat transport capability
  • A new class of graphene enhanced heat pipe with heat dissipation characteristics 3.5x higher than copper
  • Using multi-stage heat pipe loops for cooling high heat density data centers
  • The application of pin finned cold plates for cooling high power density converters (HPDC)
  • Many more new and latest developments in thermal management for high power systems and components will be reviewed. This webinar, presented by thermal management expert Dr. Kaveh Azar, Ph.D., will address all these issues and more. The webinar is one hour in length with time for questions and answers afterwards online and after the webinar concludes.

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