Electric Vehicle (EV) Webinars For Engineers

If you missed the April 5th webinar on EV Thermal Management, you are in luck! Both webinars were recorded and are now available at no cost to the thermal engineering community. Here is how to see them ~ everyone is invited!

(1) “Forecasts for Thermal Management Technologies in the Transportation Industry” – this is an excellent panel discussion on thermal management in EV. You do have to register for this pre-recorded webinar, but, there is no cost and you may view it at any time.

(2) “Electric Vehicle Battery Thermal Management” is also available. Attendees do not have to register, just click the link to attend now or at anytime in your time zone.

Photo by Kindel Media: https://www.pexels.com/photo/street-summer-industry-charging-9800002/

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