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Emerging from the Abnormal: The Rep, Distributor and Manufacturer Perspective on Emerging into a Coronavirus World – An Electronics Industry Roundtable

The coronavirus global pandemic presents unique challenges for everyone, from learning to home school, to re-opening schools, hospitals, retail, restaurants and industry, every niche of society is implementing ways to open. The electronics industry is no different.

This 60 minute pod-cast from ERA, the Electronics Representative Association, is well worth the listen. In it, Walter Tobin, ERA CEO and round table facilitator and Stephanie Tierney , round table host, welcome co-facilitators:

  • Steve Nolan, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.,
  • Sean Sisson, Vice President North America & Latin America at RUTRONIK Electronics Worldwide
  • Bryan Teen, President at Tech Marketing;

The roundtable covers perspectives from a Manufacturer’s Representatives, Manufacturers and Distributors regarding what they think tomorrow will look like for themselves as well as the customer, how they have recently enhanced their digital online image, preparations they are making for a potential second wave of COVID-19, new and effective ways that they are communicating with their customers, and their plans for upcoming in-person meetings. Click the Sound Cloud Player below to listen in: