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ATS Summer Intern Shares Her Positive Experience

ATS Intern

Rachel, a 2016 summer intern at Advanced Thermal Solutions, describes the positive learning experience she had at ATS.

Rachel, a 2016 summer marketing intern at Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS), recently sat down to discuss her experiences with the company, what she learned, and her favorite moments. From search engine optimization to the importance of a strong web presence to utilizing social media in the B2B market, Rachel said that she learned a lot about marketing a company such as ATS.

Among her favorite memories was National Thermal Engineer Day on July 24, which was created by ATS in 2015 to recognize the impact of thermal engineer because without the contributions of thermal engineers, the electronics that are an integral part of today’s life and the cornerstone of this nation’s technological advancement would not be possible.There was a cookout at ATS’ Norwood campus and a lot of fun for the staff, as seen below:

ATS Intern

To explore an internship opportunity like Rachel had this summer, contact Advanced Thermal Solutions at

Hear what Rachel had to say about her time at ATS in the video below:

maxiFLOW Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

We’re in the midst of creating a brand new video on the technology of our patented maxiFLOW heat sink.  We’ll be noting two key studies, one presented at ASME and one at SEMITHERM that show maxiFLOW’s technology edge over other heatsinks.  In the meantime, Donte and John of ATS marketing were spending some time in the ATS studio doing a photoshoot for that video.  Here’s a look behind the scenes of ATS: