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Free Webinar this Thursday on the “Thermal Management of Consumer Electronics”

From the basic science of thermal energy, to diagnosing and resolving difficult heat issues, ATS engineers share their knowledge with audiences throughout the year with our free webinar series.

Our next webinar will be this Thursday, August 8 at 2pm ET on the “Thermal Management of Consumer Electronics.”


Consumer electronics are now being used in places that were once exclusive to business and military electronics. Products like Apple’s iPhone and iPad are sophisticated technologies with powerful processors housed in small spaces with restricted airflow. As a result, these devices, and others like them, are providing many new benefits, but they also bring higher thermal management needs. Attendees will learn the available cooling options, and important factors such as the importance of spreading resistance in component and system thermal management.

The prerecorded webinar is free but seating is limited. Register Now.

Next Webinar: Thursday, July 18 @ 2pm ET

ATS Webinar

Don’t miss the next ATS webinar, “Using Thermal Interface Materials to Improve Heat Sink Thermal Performance”.

This is a free, pre-recorded webinar that will be held at 2pm ET on Thursday July 18th. Attendees will gain a much better understanding on what thermal interface materials are, how they function and how to best use them. The pros and cons of various thermal interface materials is also discussed. This class is from the perspective of the engineer who uses the material not one of the thermal interface material suppliers themselves.

There is no fee to attend, but virtual seating is limited so Register Now