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Introducing the FSC-200 Fan Speed Controller

FSC-200 Fan Speed Controller from ATS

FSC-200 Fan Speed Controller from ATS

ATS has just introduced a new lab instrument, the FSC-200 fan speed controller. This device is designed to control the fan/fan tray speed in a variety of applications, especially where air flow control is critical for accurate thermal design. Custom stageSPEED software, which is included with the product, permits the user to fully control the fans performance by adjusting the power from 0 to 100%. The FSC-200 enables the user to perform a variety of airflow tests during different stages of product design and development, without the need to manipulate the fans power supply at the pre-specified ranges.

One such case during the thermal design process is the desire to know what the temperature of the components are under varying fan speed. This will provide an envelope of safe operation of the device. The FSC-200 simplifies the task by controlling the fan speed through the software, minimizing training, start-up times, and human error. This research quality device provides precise control with high accuracy of +/- 1%.

FSC-200 back view

FSC-200 back view

The unit communicates via the USB port with a computer and requires no external power source, since the same USB port also is used to power up the FSC-200. To power the fan or the fan tray, an external power supply is required with its minimum voltage and current equal to the fan or fan tray power requirements.


stageSPEED software

stageSPEED enables the user to choose the PWM frequency of the fans. By entering a % duty cycle value, the fans will operate at that desired percentage of power. Fans can be controlled from 0 to 100% of the maximum allowable power. The system has a safety feature whereby, when the USB cable is disconnected, the fans/fan tray will automatically stop.

Applications for the FSC-200 include:

  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Fan Manufacturers
  • Thermal Management
  • Aerospace
  • Air Chambers

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Touch Screen Scanner Simplifies Temperature and Air Velocity Measurement for Thermal Characterization

ATVS-NxTThe ATVS-NxT hot wire anemometer is a fully-portable scanner that provides rapid and highly precise temperature and air velocity measurements for the thermal characterization of electronic packages. The ATVS-NxTis member of our temperature & velocity measurement instruments, along with the ATVS-2020 and eATVS-8, but its touch screen feature and embedded pc speaks to its truly unique capability.

The unique touch screen feature allows users to control the stageVIEW software at their fingertips, quickly acquiring temperature and air velocity data, analytics, and reports. It includes an 8 GB hard drive and a CD/RW drive. Ethernet connections allow the scanner to be operated over an intranet or the Internet.
Watch the quick 30 second video showing the ATVS-NxT touch screen feature

The ATVS-NxT supports up to 32 sensors for simultaneous, single-point air velocity and temperature measurements in environments where single or multipoint measurements are required. The sensors are calibrated for both low (natural convection) and high velocity flow rates.

The easy to use ATVS-NxT collects heat and airflow data useful to heat sink manufacturers, IC houses, board designers, and other electronics manufacturers. The scanner’s single-point measurement of temperature and air velocity provides faster, more precise data enabling more efficient thermal management solutions. Visit qats.com to learn more or to request a quote.