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New Video on ATS’ Recent Instrument, the FSC-200, Fan Speed Controller

ATS introduced it’s latest instrument, the FSC-200™, designed for controlling fan and fan tray speeds in a variety of applications where air flow control is critical for accurate thermal design. This 2 mintues video shows how the fan speed controller enables engineers to perform a variety of air flow tests during different product design and development stages, without the need to manipulate the fans power supply at the pre-specified ranges.

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Touch Screen Scanner Simplifies Temperature and Air Velocity Measurement for Thermal Characterization

ATVS-NxTThe ATVS-NxT hot wire anemometer is a fully-portable scanner that provides rapid and highly precise temperature and air velocity measurements for the thermal characterization of electronic packages. The ATVS-NxTis member of our temperature & velocity measurement instruments, along with the ATVS-2020 and eATVS-8, but its touch screen feature and embedded pc speaks to its truly unique capability.

The unique touch screen feature allows users to control the stageVIEW software at their fingertips, quickly acquiring temperature and air velocity data, analytics, and reports. It includes an 8 GB hard drive and a CD/RW drive. Ethernet connections allow the scanner to be operated over an intranet or the Internet.
Watch the quick 30 second video showing the ATVS-NxT touch screen feature

The ATVS-NxT supports up to 32 sensors for simultaneous, single-point air velocity and temperature measurements in environments where single or multipoint measurements are required. The sensors are calibrated for both low (natural convection) and high velocity flow rates.

The easy to use ATVS-NxT collects heat and airflow data useful to heat sink manufacturers, IC houses, board designers, and other electronics manufacturers. The scanner’s single-point measurement of temperature and air velocity provides faster, more precise data enabling more efficient thermal management solutions. Visit qats.com to learn more or to request a quote.

ATS welcomes Test Equipment Connection to our Distributor Partner Ranks

We’ve got a new distribution partner, Test Equipment Connection! Test Equipment Connection is located in Florida, but sells worldwide to a variety of markets. They sell both new and refurbished test equipment. So if you need something, and your budget is stretched, these are the guys to call!

We had a chance to have a quick phone conversation with their Manager of Business Development, Phil Vogel last week. Test Equipment Connection has been around since 1993. They both buy and sell test equipment and provide full support. He noted that thermal analysis and measurement is a growing need in the technology sector and we couldn’t agree more! Our latest one day short course on thermal management was sold out!

So, if you need test equipment, such as spectrum analyzers or RF or microwave test equipment or ATS thermal test instruments, visit their web site at http://www.testequipmentconnection.com/ and contact them!

You can read more about it at our press release page.

Latest video from ATS shows how to use ATS’s most affordable thermal analysis instrument

The eATVS family of instruments are best sellers for us. And no wonder. They are inexpensive, accurate and reliable. The software, stageVIEW, completely automates the data gathering process, freeing your hands up to do other tasks.  Our latest video not only demonstrates our eATVS instruments but shows a bit how to use them.

ATS thermal lab video demonstrates PTM-1000 pressure transducer; applications for measuring pressure drop across ATCA Blades

PTM-1000 Pressure Transducer Instrument We’ve been busy in the lab shooting another video, this one on our PTM-1000 pressure transducer module. Besides just showing what the PTM-1000 is, we also show two applications:

The first application shown is how to use the PTM-1000 and our ATCA Blade Analyzer that fits easily into our bench top wind tunnel to develop pressure drop curves for ATCA (Advanced Telecommunications and Computing Architecture) boards. Developing and understanding the pressure drop curves across an ATCA or other COTS (commercial off the shelf) board is important since balancing the board to board pressure drop in a given COTS chassis is critical to proper air flow volume control and thermal management of a system. We’ve been asked by several companies who are part of PICMG if we can do this and we’re happy to finally say YES!

The second application demonstrates measuring the volumetric flow rate of air across the ATCA card. The video follows but if you’d like your own PTM-1000, or just want to talk to one of our team on how to apply it to your engineering work, visit us at qats.com, call us at 781-769-2800, email us at sales.hq@qats.com or request a quote via our project form.