ATS thermal consulting team gives leading LED manufacturer a 33% improvement in their heatsinkperformance

A leading LED manufacturer approached ATS regarding a high heat LED thermal management problem. Their original heat sink design for a 6W LED light with a vertical orientation had specifications of Rhs of 9 K/W and a dThs of 54 C at ambient.

ATS analyzed their design, factoring in the position of the light (vertical) and how they might effect the design to bring greater improvements and headroom. ATS’s thermal engineering consulting included:

  • Testing the heat sink physically in our thermal lab
  • Creating models using CFD to determine the optimal design
  • Developing and Manufacturing samples to be re-tested in our lab, prior to moving to general availability for our customer.

The result was a 33% improvement in the heatsinks performance. See the following chart for the before and after technical results (click chart for a clearer and larger image):

LED Thermal Design Case Study Chart


ATS can supply consulting services to do the same for your LED heat sink design. For more information on our LED design consulting services, visit ATS at our LED Consulting Page.

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