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ATS Provides LED Thermal Solution for Big Game

When the big game kicks off on Sunday night, the Patriots will not be the only team from New England shining bright at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minn. Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) will also be represented, although not on the gridiron, but rather helping to shine a spotlight on the action on the field.

LED Thermal Solution

Ephesus LED lighting solutions, with ATS thermal management design, will be used in the upcoming Super Bowl at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

In 2015, Ephesus Lighting (Syracuse, N.Y.) was chosen to provide LED lighting solutions for the Minnesota Vikings’ new stadium. The Ephesus system allows for greater control and adjustment, whether responding to the amount of sunlight in the stadium or the light’s color temperature (Ephesus recommends a medium color temperature for football), and does not require a 15-minute window for reaching full brightness like typical stadium lighting. It will also provide energy savings of as much as 75 percent.

“We take the light and purposefully model around obstacles that are on the field, players, the balls, so it’s like being in a portrait studio with lighting behind, lighting in front, and you look perfect,” Ephesus Chief Technology Officer Joe Casper said in a 2015 article. “We take great care of taking light from various aspects of the catwalk, and it’s being aimed to create light from 16 different directions so it gives you the appearance that you’re in a studio.”

To keep their patented LED solution cool, Ephesus partnered with ATS for a casted heat sink, which is large, rugged, and reliable. By providing the proper thermal management, ATS has helped Ephesus optimize the performance of its LED, which have now been used in two stadiums that have hosted the NFL’s championship game.

The first time LED were used was at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. when the Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks.

For its assistance, ATS and other Ephesus partners received special thanks from the lighting company:

The casted heat sink design that ATS devised had several advantages, including a reduced part count, having the enclosure and heat sink in a single unit, and reducing the manufacturing complexity of the thermal solution. With ATS help, the lighting was able to be delivered and installed on time for the game, just as it was for the opening of the new stadium in Minneapolis.

For more information about the design that ATS delivered, read this case study with the engineers that worked on the project:

To learn more about the thermal challenges that LED present, read this article from Design World written by Dr. Kaveh Azar, founder and CEO of ATS:

Thanks to the LED expertise of Ephesus and thermal management capabilities of ATS, fans will have a perfect view when the Patriots take the field in search of a sixth title.

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Case Study: LED Solution for Outdoor Canopy Array

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) was approached by a company interested in a new design for an outdoor LED unit that would be installed in gas station canopies. The original unit was bolted together and contained a molded plastic shroud that held the LED array, the PCB, and an extruded aluminum heat sink.

ATS engineers designed an aesthetically pleasing alternative that utilized natural convection cooling, while increasing the number of the LEDs in the array and its power. The engineers met the customer’s budget and thermal performance requirements.

Challenge: Create an outdoor canopy device that would increase the number of LED in the array, increase power to maximum of 120 watts, and increase lumens, while cooling the device through natural convection.

Chip/Component: The device had to hold an LED array and the PCB that powered it.

Analysis: Analytical modeling and CFD simulations determined the optimal fin efficiency to allow air through the device and across the heat sink, the spreading resistance. The weight of the device was also considered, as it would be outside above customers.

Solution: An aesthetically-pleasing, one-piece, casted unit with built-in electronics box for LED array and PCB was created. There was one inch of headroom between the heat sink and the canopy to allow for heat dissipation and the casting would allow heat transfer as well as allow air to flow through the system.

Net Result: The customer was able to add LEDs to the array and increase power. The new unit also simplified the manufacturing process and cut manufacturing costs.

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ATS Chairs Thermal Management Track at the APEC 2016

APEC 2016 Logo Are you going to the Applied Power Electronics Conference in Long Beach, CA?   If so we’ll see you there!  ATS’s Peter Resca, our Sr. Director of Product Development, will be speaking and ATS is chairing the Thermal Management Track at APEC.

Mr. Resca will be speaking on Thermal Management of LED lighting, a critical part of an LED light.   You can see him and ATS at location 201A on Wednesday, March 23, 20167 from 8:30AM to 10:30AM.

If  you cannot make it to APEC to see Peter’s talk, we’ve got a resource designed around thermal management of LED lighting.  It is our LED Cooling Design Kit.  Click here for free access to our kit.   And if you are going to APEC, drop us some email at so we can connect up and say hi!

ECN Magazine 30-Second Thermal Video Features ATS Star Heat Sink

ATS STAR LED Heat Sink  ATS’s STAR LED Heat Sink were prominently featured in a new video published by ECN Magazine.  The video gives a quick overview of thermal management products being developed showing those that were being considered for the ECN 2014 Impact Award.  While we think our videos do a more complete job, the ECN video is a good watch.   See the video here: ECN 2014 Impact Award Winnder JARO Thermal wins for Cooling and Thermal Management. Click here to learn more about the ATS STAR Heat Sink family .

Announcing our ATS Electronics Cooling Webinars for Third Quarter of 2012

ATS, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. will present technical webinars on electronic cooling topics in July, August and September 2012. Each of these free events will provide engineering-level training in a key area of modern thermal management.

Here are the different webinar topics and presentation times:

Using Thermal Interface Materials to Improve Heat Sink Thermal Performance

July 26, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. ET

To cool hotter components, engineers are using larger fans and heat sinks, and increasing surface areas. These hardware enhancements can add significantly to design costs. In many cases, cooling performance can be improved by using a higher performance interface material between the case and the heat sink. Participants will learn the importance of lowering thermal resistance using thermal interface materials, or TIMs, and the different kinds of TIMs available from the market.

Air Jet Impingement Cooling

August 23, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Ongoing increases in power in devices such as processors and IGBTs mean that higher capacity cooling methods are needed to remove excess heat. One such method is the jet impingement of a liquid or gas onto a surface on a continuous basis. Lab experiments at ATS have shown up to a 40% improvement in cooling achieved using this method. This webinar will explore jet impingement cooling theory, implementation and best practices.

LED Thermal Management in Commercial and Consumer Lighting Applications

September 27, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Excess heat directly affects both short-term and long-term LED performance. The short-term effects are color shift and reduced light output, while the long-term effect is accelerated lumen depreciation and thus shortened useful life. Participants will learn how to diagnose and solve thermal issues in consumer and commercial LED applications.

Each of these one-hour online tutorials will include detailed visuals, real world examples, instructions, definitions and references. Audience questions will be answered by the presenters during and after the presentation. One or more ATS PhD-level thermal engineers will be presenting live.

There is no cost to attend these ATS webinars, but virtual seating is limited. Registration is available online at, or by calling 1-781-949-2522.