LED Heat Sink family designed in a STAR Geometry; perfect for LED lightbulb applications or any LED circular PCB

Aluminum Heat Sink in STAR geometry The ATS ATSEU-077D-C4-R0 Star LED heat sink is made from light weight aluminum in a cylindrical shape that fits common LED lamp applications. The heat sink’s fins are arrayed in a round, star-like cross section that optimizes thermal performance through radiative cooling to the local air flow. The ATSEU-077D-C4-R0 has a power dissipation of 3W. A flat surface at one end of the heat sink provides a base for direct mounting of LEDs. All heat sinks within the series are RoHS compliant. To learn more as well as how to purchase please visit our site at this link: The ATSEU-077D-C4-R0 STAR LED Heat Sink

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