Cooling News: New Thermal Products Showcase

By Norman Quesnel
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Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS)

In this article, Qpedia will explore some innovative thermal management products that have recently hit the market. These new thermal products encompass a variety of thermal management applications from CPU coolers to thermal interface materials (TIM) to sensors and test instruments to advanced materials and concepts.

Graphene Sheets

Cooling News

Paragraf, a group affiliated with the University of Cambridge is producing graphene at up to eight inches (20cm) in diameter, large enough for commercial electronic devices. Engineers at Paragraf are creating graphene wafers and graphene-based electronic devices that can be used in transistors, where graphene-based chips could deliver speeds more than ten times faster than silicon chips.

They can also be used in chemical and electrical sensors, where graphene could increase sensitivity by a factor of more than 30. Paragraf’s devices will target markets including transistors, chemical and electrical sensors, and new energy generation devices.

QSFP-DD BiPass Thermal Cooling Configuration 

Molex, a global electronic solutions provider, highlights its new BiPass thermal management configuration cooling QSFP-DD modules up to 20 W with a 15°C change from the ambient temperature. First shown at DesignCon 2019, the Molex QSFP-DD thermal solution can cool a range of 15W to 20W in different configurations. The BiPass solution allows higher wattage modules to be cooled and will help designers on the path toward 112 Gbps.

As the industry is readying for the launch of next-generation copper and optical QSFP-DD transceivers, thermal management strategies are critical. During the demonstration, Molex showcased a QSFP-DD belly-to-belly BiPass configuration, QSFP-DD belly-to-belly SMT configuration, 2×1 QSFP-DD stacked configuration and 1×2 QFSP-DD BiPass in a vertical orientation with dual heat sinks.

Running at 15W, all configurations were able to cool at less than 25-degree Celsius delta T rise. The BiPass solution routes high-speed signals through Temp-Flextwinax cables enabling greater channel margin compared to PCB alone and allows for a second heat sink on the bottom side of the cage to make contact with the module, providing additional cooling.

The BiPass solution, allows designers to bypass the lossy printed circuit board by utilizing Temp-Flex high-speed twinax. Because of this, they can achieve lower insertion loss when going from an ASIC in a switch or a router to another server within a rack.

Micro and Macro Channel Liquid Cooling

Rogers now provides curamik CoolPower and CoolPower Plus as well as the curamik CoolPerformance and CoolPerformance Plus. The liquid coolers feature either a micro or macro channel structure made of thin copper foils that are put together into a hermetically tight block using Rogers’ curamik bonding process. The specific channel structure determines the thermal resistance, pressure drop and flow rate. The coolant usually enters and exits through openings connected with O-rings or screw fittings.

Ideal for high power applications, the curamik CoolPerformance coolers are high performance copper coolers for laser diode cooling. curamik CoolPerformance Plus coolers are high performance isolated copper coolers that contain an AlN isolation layer on top and bottom.

Thermal Tape Offers Low Thermal Resistance

DuPont Temprion AT adhesive thermal tapes deliver grease-like wettability at low application pressures, providing the freedom to assemble devices without introducing excess stress to a system’s complex circuitry.

The highly conformable pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes achieve low thermal impedance at only 20 psi of pressure to offer best-in-class thermal performance, easier package assembly, reduced device failure and higher system performance. Thermal conductivity is 0.7 W/m·K.

Use of Temprion AT thermal tapes eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners when assembling electronic packages. Applications include heat sink attachment for CPUs and GPUs, LED bonding, and assembly of flat panel displays.

Peltier Coolers Keep Machine Vision Systems Cool

The HiTemp ET Series Peltier thermoelectric module from Laird Thermal Systems is designed to keep the sensors in machine vision systems cool and operating at peak performance. Solid-state thermoelectric coolers can reduce the sensor’s temperature to meet proper design specifications.

A standard single-stage Peltier cooler can achieve temperature differentials of up to 70°C, while a multi-stage Peltier module can achieve much higher ΔTs. Thermoelectric modules are integrated directly into the sensor assembly and typically require a heat sink or other heat exchanger to dissipate heat into the surrounding environment.

Supporting applications operating in temperatures ranging from 80 to 150°C, the single-stage HiTemp ET Series offers a cooling capacity of more than 300 watts in a compact form factor. The HiTemp ET Series includes over 50 models with a wide variety of heat pumping capacities, form factors and input voltages.

InRow Data Center Cooling Solution 

Schneider Electric has expanded its EcoStruxur Ready cooling portfolio with a 30kW InRow DX solution. Available in a 300mm rack format, this data center cooling solution offers industry leading efficiency and addresses the increasing demand for higher density cooling in the data center.

The trend toward modernization and consolidation of data centers is driving the need for a cooling solution that provides more cooling capacity in a smaller footprint and flexible capacity to adapt to the actual data center load. The 30kW InRow DX is ideal for data centers that are being modernized or retrofitted, or anywhere IT space is at a premium.

Due to its powerfully compact size and energy efficient design, the InRow DX is the most versatile and predictable cooling system for next generation small and medium data centers and an optimal choice for edge and enterprise environments. The 30kW InRow system can provide 30% improved efficiency, reducing operating expenses and improving PUE (power usage effectiveness).

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