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Learn the tricks and tips our engineers use performing CFD Analaysis at our June 23 Free Webinar

We hold at least one webinar a month here at ATS. They are always chock full of solid thermal engineering information. And by that I don’t mean just some fancy slides with examples. No. We talk about the basic calculations involved in the science (some would call “black art”) of thermal management. We talk about how to “do” thermal management.

And it’s not always about “a bigger fan”.

And one of the most helpful tools we have in our arsenal is Computational Fluid Dynamics, or CFD for short. We do alot of CFD. Its not the only analysis we do, but, it forms an important part of our design cycle and it should yours as well. Whether you are developing a thermal management solution centered around a heat sink, heat pipe, air flow, what have you, CFD can be a helpful part of the cycle. As our founder and CEO, Kaveh Azar, once noted:

“When you use CFD properly, you have an upper hand on achieving thermal management solutions faster, cheaper and more effectively,” says Dr. Azar. You spend less time on trial and error in the lab, assembling and testing prototypes and sample parts. The more you know about CFD programs, the better you can simulate the important elements and avoid wasting time and memory where it’s not needed.

I’d like to invite you to our next webinar, being held June 23rd, 2PM EST, entitled, “Tips and Techniques for Best Use of CFD for Heat Sinks and Systems Modeling” We’ll be covering some great stuff in this webinar around how we use CFD in our thermal engineering and how you can apply it to your work as well. To register, and it is free, just click over to this link to sign up: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/300959811

To get a quick overview of our CFD webinar, as well as hearing some of what we consider best practice for using CFD, watch this 2 minute screencast:

Jet Impingement for thermal management: a practical approach to using it in 1U Server Chassis

Jet impingement for thermal management can give you a cost effective, highly directed airflow that can really help semiconductor cooling in your systems. But how do you cost effectively implement such a technology in low cost, 1U servers? Would just going to water, as Google did with their latest patent on a server cooling “sandwich”?

ATS has invented a method to easily deploy jet impingement cooling in both 1U low cost computer servers and in 6U ATCA Chassis. We call it ThermJETTTM. Some of the key elements include:

  • Test results showing cooling PCBs 20ºC better than conventional methods
  • No liquid
  • Relatively easy to implement with mechanical changes

Our readers can learn about ThermJETTTM by calling us at 781-769-2800, emailing us at sales.hq@qats.com or read more at the embedded presentation on ThermJETTTM below: