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Are Your Heat Sinks and Thermal Management Strategy for Your Target Seminconductors Optimized or Deadended?

By virtue of the fact that ATS is a provider of heat sinks and thermal management solutions to electronics, much of work is target at the junction temperature of semiconductors. We work with a lot of suppliers in this space, most recently Intel’s Sandybridge. Which leads me to the reason for addressing this topic.

Are Your Heat Sinks and Thermal Management Strategy for Your Target Seminconductors Optimized or Deadended?

Of all the semiconductor providers works with, ATS has done a great deal of work with Caviuim, TI and Freescale. It’s not that their processors are unusually hot, it’s that these firms recognize that ATS does a great job of optimizing a thermal design. Our case studies show a wide range of applications and successes in this optimization.

With Cavium, ATS is a thermal development partner. We’ve tackled a number of difficult designs with them and with Cavium customer’s whose design elements create very dense, high performance products but in some small and low air flow applications.

ATS has two off-the-shelf stocks solutions for Cavium that can be used as design starting points, The ATS-691-C2-R1 offers up a thermal resistance of .6 C/W at 200 LFM and the ATS-725-C1-R1 offers up a thermal resistance of 2 C/W at 200 LFM.

ATS Heatsinks designed for Freescale’s QorIQ quad core processors including the new P3041

ATS has a line of heatsinks and heatsink clips just for Freescale’s QorIq family of quad core processors.   We announced the family back in February.  Freescale just today announced an addition to their line, the FCBGA packaged P3041.  Before we talk about what ATS has, let’s read a bit of what Freescale’s new addition is about from their press release as seen at Design & Reuse Magazine:

The new QorIQ P3041 expands the reach of Freescale’s P4 platform into lower power applications. Manufactured in 45nm silicon-on-insulator process technology, the P3041 offers optimal integration and new intellectual property that delivers improved functionality for end products. The P3041 processor integrates four e500mc cores based on Power Architecture® technology running up to 1.5 GHz at less than 12 watts, and delivers about 2.5 DMIPS/MHz. Key features include a three-level cache hierarchy for optimized latencies, a hardware hypervisor for robust support of multiple operating systems within the device, a trusted boot architecture to ensure code is not tampered with or reverse engineered, efficient data path handling, and improved Serial RapidIO and SATA IP.

ATS’s family of heatsinks for Freescale’s QorIQ family features:

  • Thermal resistance as low as 1.5 C/W
  • Heatsink clips that allow the use of phase change material for superior chip to heatsink conductivity
  • Can be used for applications that require BGA heatsink or LGA heatsink.

We’ve included a presentation here to give you more information.  Or you can visit qats.com to purchase, request samples or learn even more.

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