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Jet Impingement for thermal management: a practical approach to using it in 1U Server Chassis

Jet impingement for thermal management can give you a cost effective, highly directed airflow that can really help semiconductor cooling in your systems. But how do you cost effectively implement such a technology in low cost, 1U servers? Would just going to water, as Google did with their latest patent on a server cooling “sandwich”?

ATS has invented a method to easily deploy jet impingement cooling in both 1U low cost computer servers and in 6U ATCA Chassis. We call it ThermJETTTM. Some of the key elements include:

  • Test results showing cooling PCBs 20ºC better than conventional methods
  • No liquid
  • Relatively easy to implement with mechanical changes

Our readers can learn about ThermJETTTM by calling us at 781-769-2800, emailing us at sales.hq@qats.com or read more at the embedded presentation on ThermJETTTM below:

Jet Impingement Cooling Provides High Heat Transfer Rates for Thermal Management of High Power Electronics

Jet impingement Cooling is an attractive mechanism for thermal management because of its capability for high heat transfer rates. This cooling method has been used in many industrial applications such as annealing metals, cooling gas turbine blades, cooling grinding processes and cooling photovoltaic cells. Over the past 30 years, jet impingement has been explored as a cooling option for microelectronics. Liquid jet impingement is being actively explored for cooling power electronics components, in particular the insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) used in the inverters of hybrid automobiles. This ATS Thermal Labs White Paper article discusses single-phase jet impingement and its effectiveness for cooling electronics components.

To get your copy of this ATS Thermal Labs white paper, click to qats.com at this link: “Jet Impingement Cooling

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