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ATS Cold Plates Displayed at PCIM Europe in Richardson RFPD Booth

Thanks to its new distribution partnership with Richardson RFPD, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) was given the chance to display its new, high-performance cold plates at PCIM Europe 2018 held in Nuremberg, Germany at the beginning of June.

PCIM Europe 2018

ATS cold plates were displayed at the Richardson RFPD booth with Vincotech’s new mid-power VINcoPACK E3, which is a low-profile package for motion control and UPS applications that features a six-pack configuration. (Richardson RFPD)

The showcased solution demonstrated how a high-powered device easily connects with the mounting patterns manufactured on ATS cold plates to meet industry-standard insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT), such as those from Mitsubishi, Vincotech, which was on display at PCIM (pictured above), and other leaders in the power electronics industry.

The flexibility in the ATS design allows for cooling of high-powered devices, such as those made from silicon carbide (SiC) or gallium nitride (GaN), without the need for associated tooling costs, which are commonly found when changing the mounting pattern of liquid cold plates.

The cold plates have an innovative, high aspect ratio fin field that provides 30% better thermal performance than comparable products on the market and are manufactured to be easily customizable for systems with specific thermal or space requirements.

ATS cold plates are the perfect choice for engineers looking for liquid cooling solutions for high-powered systems.

Richardson RFPD has a rich history of providing engineering solutions and distributing components for the global electronics market, with more than 35 locations around the world and specialized knowledge in power electronics. Richardson RFPD is the leader in helping customers design-in the latest products and most innovative technology from the market leaders on its line card.

PCIM Europe 2018, one of the largest power electronics shows on the continent, featured more than 11,000 visitors, more than 500 exhibition, and more than 800 conference attendees. Having ATS cold plates on display, thanks to the relationship with Richardson RFPD, gave ATS a host of potential new customers for its liquid cooling and power electronics cooling solutions.

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