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Great Viewing: ADI’s New White Board Series on Thermocouples

In our Twitter feed we saw that ADI has a new 8-video series on thermo- couples. It’s a great set of videos on this topic. Well presented and informative, we’d recommend our reader’s put them in their bookmarks to check out. Well worth your time.

You can reach the full series by visiting ADI’s site here:  ADI’s Thermocouple 101 Video Series

ATS has also covered thermocouples here on our blog. Click to this link to read our two part series, “Thermocouples for Thermal Analysis: What they are and How they Work“.

Here’s one of the first of ADI’s thermocouple series to check out!

How to Apply Thermal Interface Material: Thermal Tape

In our latest short “how to” video, ATS engineer Greg demonstrates the correct way to apply thermal tape to your heat sink. It’s one minute, 30 seconds in length and will help you get it right if you’ve never applied tape before:

How To Place the ATS Candlestick Sensor For Thermal Analysis

ATS’s Candlestick Sensor is our best selling sensor to collect air temperature and air velocity in thermal analysis. Like all of our thermal engineering instruments, ATS developed our Candlestick sensor out of necessity: we were simply breaking too many standard sensors and needed a more robust and accurate sensor. And the Candlestick Sensor was born!

Many of our customers often ask how our thermal engineers place the Candlestick Sensor in a wind tunnel in order to analyze a heat sink or other device. In this one minute video, Greg shows you just how we do it.

ATS New video on ATVS-2020 demos a great thermal analysis instrument to design your next heat sink

We’ve just finished our latest video, demoing our ATVS-2020 Automatic Temperature & Velocity Scanner. It’s a great tool, useful for a whole variety of  research and engineering work. We primarily developed it because our team  needed an accurate and portable temperature and velocity scanner to do our our own thermal analysis of system chassis for heat sink engineering and thermal management development. After using it for a bit, we decided to offer it up on the market and it’s been a great tool for engineers doing thermal analysis, research and engineering.

One of the great things about our ATVS-2020 is that it includes a terrific application called stageVIEW. stageVIEW,  built on National Instruments LabVIEW, actually automates your entire test process. This includes varying the test parameters and collecting data. If you haven’t seen a demo, you owe it to yourself to take a look.

The icing on the cake for our ATVS-2020 is our Candlestick Sensor.  The genesis of our Candlestick Sensor was simple: we kept breaking standard temperature and velocity sensors. Standard temperature and velocity measurement sensors are very brittle and when you break a lot of them the cost adds up. So, we had to come up with a solution and the Candlestick Sensor was born. It’s flexible, doesn’t break AND it measure both air temperature and air velocity.

Here’s the video on our ATVS-2020:

ATS thermal lab video demonstrates PTM-1000 pressure transducer; applications for measuring pressure drop across ATCA Blades

PTM-1000 Pressure Transducer Instrument We’ve been busy in the lab shooting another video, this one on our PTM-1000 pressure transducer module. Besides just showing what the PTM-1000 is, we also show two applications:

The first application shown is how to use the PTM-1000 and our ATCA Blade Analyzer that fits easily into our bench top wind tunnel to develop pressure drop curves for ATCA (Advanced Telecommunications and Computing Architecture) boards. Developing and understanding the pressure drop curves across an ATCA or other COTS (commercial off the shelf) board is important since balancing the board to board pressure drop in a given COTS chassis is critical to proper air flow volume control and thermal management of a system. We’ve been asked by several companies who are part of PICMG if we can do this and we’re happy to finally say YES!

The second application demonstrates measuring the volumetric flow rate of air across the ATCA card. The video follows but if you’d like your own PTM-1000, or just want to talk to one of our team on how to apply it to your engineering work, visit us at qats.com, call us at 781-769-2800, email us at sales.hq@qats.com or request a quote via our project form.