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Highlights from 2017 National Thermal Engineer Day

July 24 is generally one of the hottest days of the year in the United States, but on Monday the rain came pouring down at the Norwood, Mass. office of Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS). The rain couldn’t put a damper on ATS staff, which held an indoor picnic to celebrate National Thermal Engineer Day.

The whole ATS team came together to recognize the achievements of thermal engineers across the U.S. and the importance of thermal management in ensuring the reliability of the electronics that are used on a daily basis across a wide variety of industries.

To emphasize how ATS wasn’t going to allow the weather to dampen the celebration there was even an ice cream truck outside for those who were willing to brave the elements.

How do you manage heat? With some cool! We had an ice cream truck come by to help celebrate National #ThermalEngineerDay #engineering #icecream

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This day was not just about ATS and its engineers, but thermal engineers from across the country. Below are some of the highlights from other companies, which also celebrated the occasion and shared their experiences and thoughts about the occasion on social media. Thanks to everyone that participated and we are already looking forward to next year’s event on July 24, 2018!

E&T Magazine:

Pyro Novelties, Inc.:

Six Sigma Europe and Washington, D.C.:


GD Rectifiers Ltd.:

Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers:

Jim Fritz, President and CEO of The Snell Group:

Ellen Matloff, President and CEO of My Gene Counsel:

IGI Global:

KBGE Engineering:

For more information about National Thermal Engineer Day, click https://www.qats.com/cms/national-thermal-engineer-day.

For more information about Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) thermal management consulting and design services, visit www.qats.com or contact ATS at 781.769.2800 or ats-hq@qats.com.

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National Thermal Engineer Day is finally here! Make sure to follow Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) on Twitter (@qats) and on Instagram (@advancedthermsolutions) to see photos and watch videos from the ATS celebration.

Join in the social media conversation about this national day of recognition by using the hashtag #ThermalEngineerDay. Make sure to share your photos and the ways that you have taken time to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of thermal engineers.

For more information about National Thermal Engineer Day, click https://www.qats.com/cms/national-thermal-engineer-day.

How did you celebrate National Thermal Engineer Day?

National Thermal Engineer DayNational Thermal Engineer Day is a day celebrated on the National Day Calendar and sponsored by Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS), dedicated to celebrating the importance of thermal management and the thermal engineers that cool the impossible. Thermal Engineers know the intricate science of heat flow and methods to provide cooling. They must account for every component in a device, how they all work together and where the device will be used. They use specialized equipment in dedicated thermal labs. They have training in electrical, mechanical and software engineering.

National Thermal Engineer Day

On August 24th ATS hosted the first annual “National Thermal Engineer Day” Celebration. Complete with food, gifts and the official Thermal Engineer Day Pin, ATS celebrates the thermal geek in you!

What?? You didn’t celebrate this year? Don’t worry! This is a National Holiday and plans are underway to make next years celebration even “hotter”.

To receive your FREE National Thermal Engineer Pin, email joday@qats.com.

Take pictures wearing your pin and email us or post to Facebook page using hashtag #ThermEngDay. Let us know where YOUR pin travels!

Stay tuned for this year’s exciting contests and Help ATS spread the Thermal News about Thermal Engineer Day!